In this country fall in love at first sight. More than 300 days of sunshine per year give people the opportunity to relax all year round. People who have been here. Come back again and again. A small villa or a charming house by the sea is like a dream … But what a surprise prices cause … A picturesque house on the seashore is ALL, as a secondary apartment in Moscow or a great summer cottage in the suburbs.

The Greeks, the only among Europeans, prefer to relax in their own country and go to the islands. Turning to the practical side of the issue, it is necessary to note the thoroughness and reliability of Greek developers, their strict adherence to strict European standards, as well as strict state control over the implementation of all standards.

Concrete foundations and frame buildings take into account the possibility of exposure to any natural elements and are designed for a period of 40 to 80 years. The state does not impose any requirements on the appearance and style of real estate in most regions, but there are exceptions, so to avoid misunderstandings, you must consult your lawyer before buying real estate (Greek diatherio – you can not demolish houses, only restore, or build only one-story houses in the style of the whole settlement, etc.)

The most important feature of the acquisition of real estate in Greece is the “TRANSPARENCY” of all operations at all stages of the purchase.

Our Services

  • Land operations
  • Design of properties
  • Insurance
  • Construction and contracting
  • Sale of ready business (restaurants, shops, hotels, apartments)
  • Inspection trip to view suitable properties
  • Opening an account in a foreign bank
  • Assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan
  • Assistance in obtaining visas
  • Legal support at all stages of the purchase of real estate

Our Agents

Real estate company TSANDEKIDIS REAL ESTATE is the official representative of real estate firms of the island of Crete in the Russian market, developers and property owners, law firms and law firms, i.e. specializes in providing a full range of services related to the purchase or sale of any property, regardless of ownership and functional purpose.



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