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The main principle of modern life is the ability to look into the future! We embody it for our customers.

We are at your service in Crete!

Real estate company TSANDEKIDIS REAL ESTATE is the official representative of real estate firms of the island of Crete in the Russian market, developers and property owners, law firms and law firms, i.e. specializes in providing a full range of services related to the purchase or sale of any property, regardless of ownership and functional purpose.

Our team – is reliable and experienced professionals who are well versed in their field. All construction work carried out by modern technology and only with high quality materials.

Foreigners without restrictions may purchase real estate in Crete, both residential and commercial. To start a purchase on the territory of. Crete is sufficient current passport and visa.

We will take care of all organizational issues, such as: obtaining a visa, legalization of the transaction, consultation of a notary and a lawyer and other important issues.

Buying property in Crete provides visa benefits. Arriving once in Crete, you want to stay here forever!

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