Interruption of time change after 2021 – voted by the Transport Committee of the European Union

After the vote (23 for and 11 against) the Transport and Tourism Committee decided that the time change will be discontinued on the last Sunday of March 2021 for the European Union countries that want to maintain constant summer time. For member States that want winter time, the change will take place on the last Sunday of October of the same year.

The countries of the European Union until April 2020 should decide what time to choose.

We recall that in February 2018, the European Parliament demanded to the European Commission “carefully assess the current time for operation”. “Setting the clock to summer time, to stop and to submit the proposal for consideration”.

The Council of Ministers organized public consultations in the summer of 2018. 4.6 million European citizens participated. 84% of citizens voted for the interruption of time changes every 6 months. 16% were against.

On September 12, 2018, the European Commission submitted a proposal for the termination of seasonal changes in time in 2019. The Parliament has postponed the final decision of the member States for another two years.

First, the decision of the Transport and Tourism Committee will be approved by the members of the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Next, negotiations will begin with the EU Council, which will involve 27 responsible Ministers.

When does the time change in 2019?

So far, however, for this to happen, we continue to change time as we have always done.

On Sunday 31 March 2019 we have to return all our watches one hour ahead.

The time always changes on the last Sunday of March (one hour forward) and the last Sunday of October (one hour back).