After buying a property in Greece, anyone has the opportunity to apply for a residence permit. It is not required to stay in Greece for a certain period.

Advantages of registration of residence permit


The cost of obtaining a residence permit in Greece

Owner / 2000€ + state fee

Wife or Husband / 1000€ + state fee

Children / 1000€ + state fee

Parents (each) / 1000€ + state Fee


7 basic steps to obtain a Residence Permit

A new model of residence permit has introduced since February 20, 2017. In particular, the residence permit will no longer be issued as a sticker in the passport, it is now a separate document that has the form of an electronic card and includes the owner’s biometric data (digital face image and two digital fingerprints), and a radio frequency integrated circuit (RF Chip) to store this data.

Electronic residence permit designed as a secure document, with high standards, which provides all the necessary guarantees against possible forgery.

Residence permit in Greece for General Directors, Directors and deputies

A certified copy of the employment contract specifying the period of employment, the position held in the company of a third country and the monthly salary, which must not be less than that of unskilled workers, as defined by the relevant National General Collective Employment contract.

Residence permit in Greece for Board members, managers and legal representatives

A copy of the publication of the state Gazette, which published the appointment or election, and in the case of non – publication-a copy of the Charter of the company or a copy of the decision of the competent authority of the company on the appointment or election of members of the Board, managers or legal representatives.

Certificate of the parent company or body that determines the income, which indicates the amount of income.